28th October 2018

 Dhaka, Oct 28, 2018 (PR) - Unit 4 of Tianwan Nuclear Power Project (TNPP) of china started injecting electricity to national grid yesterday, October 27, 2018. The unit is constructed with Russian assistance using  VVER-1000 reactor.


Alexey Likhachev,  Director General of Rosatom State Corporation  termed Tianwan NPP as the biggest  power project  under Russia-China co-operation  and said , “ We sincerely hope that our  cooperation both in construction of the next phase of Tianwan NPP and  other at Xudapu site shall also be successful. ”


Following permission from the Chinese regulator, power at Tianwan 4 was raised to 25% of capacity, after which the turbine was brought into operation and electrical tests of the field and power delivery systems were carried out. Power unit 4 was, thereby, connected to the grid. All systems performed in normal operational mode.


Reactor operation will be checked at  200 MW output dynamic tests will  be performed at 50%, 75% and 100% of capacity. Upon completion of initial testing at full thermal capacity, demonstration operation will proceed at nominal capacity for 100 hours, after which preliminary acceptance procedures will follow. Preliminary acceptance is the starting point of a two-year warranty period for the operation of Tianwan 4.


According to Valery Limarenko, Head of Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division, power start-up of Unit 4 of  Tianwan NPP is another victory for  the team of Russian and Chinese specialists.  He said , “Our partnership lasting for several decades provides additional confidence in  successful continuation of our future work. We have even greater challenges ahead as we have to construct minimum four more power units with VVER-1200  rectors  in China ”


Construction of Tianwan nuclear power plant is being carried out by Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC) in cooperation with Russian company Atomstroyexport , an engineering division of ROSATOM. Start-up of Tianwan NPP power units 1 and 2 was held in 2007 and of unit 3 in December 2017.

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