Energy & Power (EP) is the first and only full-fledged fortnightly magazine that gives a holistic picture of the energy and power sectors in Bangladesh. Since its inception on June 16, 2003, EP’s circulation has reached 5,000, of which around 20% is paid subscription. The rest are distributed as complimentary copies to policymakers including ministers, members of parliament, bureaucrats, energy sector leaders, academicians, diplomats, bankers etc. 

When the publication was launched, its focus was squarely on energy, power and the mining sector. In time, this focus has broadened to address energy-related environment. Later on sustainable development was added. Now we are covering energy, power, environment, water and sustainable development. We have a dedicated section called Green Page, where we focus green energy development – local and global. We also have a section on Climate. 

For 13 years, EP has done policy campaigns using seminars and webinars involving Ministry of Power Energy & Mineral Resources, Ministry of Science & Technology, BUET, Dhaka University, Rajshahi University, UNDP, GIZ, and USAID. The Covid pandemic put a halt to all these. Consequently we shifted to digital media. Since October, 2020, we have been arranging webinars using the ZOOM platform. EP has been conducting a weekly program called EP TALKS that follows the round table seminar format and a Talk Show titled EP 30 MINUTES. We have other programs planned that will be implemented in the coming months.

Today, the publication is brought out in different formats. The magazine is published as:

  1. Hard copy
  2. It is published online in the EP website
  3. An electronic version in PDF is emailed to registered users, and
  4. An EBook (HTML format) is also made for distribution using smartphone messaging software

EP has over the course of nearly two decades been devoted to:

a) Develop public conscientious on sustainable and even development of the energy sector;

b) Assist the policy makers in assuming pragmatic policy for balanced development of the energy sector;

c) Inform the public about energy sector developments, and 

d) Develop a pool of reporters in this field.

EP has been active in digital media engagement using various platforms. EP has active presence on its Facebook page, group, and YouTube channel. EP also maintains a LinkedIn group and uses Twitter & Instagram to disseminate information. 

Traditionally, energy reporting always suffered from a dearth of qualified reporters. EP has, over the last 18 years, played a crucial role in developing around 100 writers nationally and internationally, especially amongst Non-Resident Bangladeshis. In the next phase, EP has plans to train up rural journalists to report on these sectors. 

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