15th June 2024

Seventy young talents from Bangladesh, Russia, India, China, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Mongolia, Cameroon, Tunisia and other countries are going on a voyage to the North Pole onboard nuclear icebreaker “50 Let Pobedy” in the company of famous scientists, nuclear industry experts, Arctic researchers and science popularizers.  Results of the final qualifying round of the fifth season of the scientific and educational project titled “Icebreaker of Knowledge” has been announced recently. Over 30 thousand of students between the ages of 14 and 16 took part in the global competition. Russia’s state atomic energy corporation Rosatom is the main patron of the project.


“Icebreaker of Knowledge” project was launched with the objective of finding out and supporting talented and gifted children, developing their abilities and providing them with career guidance. Rosatom’s 5th anniversary Arctic expedition “Icebreaker of Knowledge” is timed to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the nuclear icebreaker fleet.


“No other country, but Russia, is in a position to organize an Arctic expedition for children. Every year the Icebreaker of Knowledge project creates great interest among students. It was an intense competition and a difficult task for the jury to choose only a few winners out of thousands of participants. We have selected the best kids who are keen on chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology — natural sciences,” said Tatyana Terentyeva, Rosatom Deputy Director General for Human Resources and Chairman of the Final Jury.


“For the first time since the launch of Icebreaker of Knowledge” the Arctic expedition has acquired international status. Together with Russian students, children from Rosatom partner countries, as well as foreign experts are going to the north end of the planet on the nuclear-powered icebreaker ‘50 Years of Victory’. Participants from many countries may be the first representatives to reach the North Pole,” said Alexey Likhachev, Rosatom Director General.


“Icebreaker of Knowledge” project is run by the network of Atomic Energy Information Centers with the support of Rosatom. The Russian Society “Znanie”, the intellectual partner of the project, will present its program as part of the “Icebreaker of Knowledge” expedition in the world’s northernmost lecture hall.

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