20th November 2023

District cooling service provider Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) clinched two major wins at the coveted ESGBusiness Awards for its water efficiency project, as well as its commitment to sustainability and climate education.

The water efficiency project has had a major impact on the district cooling system and the surrounding community, with one of the key achievements of the project being the increased penetration of treated sewage effluent (TSE) into the system.

TSE is wastewater that has undergone treatment to remove impurities and make it suitable for reuse. By using TSE as a water source, the Emicool water efficiency project has been able to increase the penetration of TSE by 44%, which has contributed to a reduction in overall water consumption by 42%.

The increased use of TSE reduces the demand for potable water, which helps to conserve this valuable resource and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of water efficiency. In addition, it promotes the recycling, reduction, and reuse of water, which can have a positive impact on the local community by making more fresh water available for other purposes.

Another key aspect of the Emicool water efficiency project has been the increase in the cycle of concentration of both potable and polished water. The cycle of concentration refers to the ratio of dissolved solids in the water to the solids in the feed water. By increasing the cycle of concentration, the Emicool water efficiency project has been able to use less water whilst still maintaining the required water quality.

Moreover, it has also implemented several other strategies to reduce water consumption and improve the overall efficiency of the district cooling system. These strategies include the use of advanced, eco-friendly chemicals for the dosing system and the implementation of high-quality, efficient filtration systems.

This feat has been recognized as the Sustainable Water Management Award - UAE category winner in the awards program.

Meanwhile, the pivotal year of 2022 witnessed the formation of an ESG committee within Emicool, composed of esteemed board members and employee representatives. This strategic committee played an instrumental role in catalyzing Emicool's mission to disseminate awareness regarding sustainability and climate change.

A standout achievement was the collaboration with the Sim Institute to introduce a "Net Zero Simulation Workshop." This gamified educational endeavour, enabling internal stakeholders to make informed decisions pertaining to net-zero emissions whilst comprehending the implications of their chosen initiatives. Emicool also held an extensive, week-long Sustainability Week, which served as a platform for raising multifaceted awareness about sustainability.

In a bid to actively engage with customers, Emicool organized enlightening quizzes and giveaways focused on sustainability and the merits of district cooling. This collaborative approach empowered customers to not only comprehend the challenges posed by climate change but also encouraged their participation in the collective effort to combat it.

To extend the reach of its climate advocacy and education initiatives, Emicool leverages social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and actively disseminates information on the benefits of district cooling, sustainability, climate change mitigation, and energy-saving practices. This proactive digital outreach exemplifies Emicool's commitment to a wider audience beyond its organizational boundaries.

“Emicool's holistic approach underscores how dedication to sustainability can positively impact the community, enhance business performance, and propagate education and action on climate change," the company said.

The company bagged the Climate Advocacy and Education Award - UAE for its dedicated advocacy and education about sustainability and climate change.

The ESGBusiness Awards honours businesses that demonstrate outstanding commitment and achievement in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, as well as those leading the way in building a sustainable future.

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