22nd September 2022

ABB partnered with waste and environment specialists, Ecosystem3, to implement its new waste management processes with maximum efficiency. Starting with a mapping process and data analysis of waste generated by the production process and life cycle, ecosystem technicians identified the maximum potential for recovery. More than 350 Santa Palomba factory employees were also trained in the new waste handling procedures.


Marie-Sofie Seger, Sustainability Lead ABB’s Electrification Smart Buildings division, said, “Achieving zero waste to landfill is a significant milestone not only for achieving more circular operations, but we also reduce costs and improve efficiency of processes. Meanwhile we demonstrate to customers our commitment to sustainability and the feasibility of achieving the Zero waste. “


Luca Dante Ortolani, Commercial Director at Ecosystem said, “Through the exploration of alternative solutions to disposal or further use, we have proposed pathways for waste recycling and reuse based on separation, recovery and disposal, including through the production of secondary solid fuel (SSF). This has allowed us to certify that the goal of zero waste to landfill has been achieved for the ABB factory in Santa Palomba.”


Achieving zero landfill is just the beginning for the Santa Palomba factory, with circularity process plans underway to reduce non-reusable materials entering the factory and using reusable materials for its own packaging.

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