30th May 2020

The Volgodonsk Branch of “AEM-technology" in Russia has completed feeding with SG tubes of the first Steam Generator for the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant. The plant will have four such Steam Generators in each of its two units.


A Steam Generator is a heat exchanger which is about 14 meters long, more than 4 meters in diameter and weighs 350 tonnes.


It took 22 days for the specialists to perform orderly mounting of the elements including Tube Bundle inside the Steam Generator Vessel. The Tube Bundle was formed of 11 thousand coils. 


Experts performed a bending of stainless tubes into coils of various dimensions, followed by their cutting, grinding and tests. Coils were installed following a special design; ends of the tubes were connected to the primary circuit collectors.


The next stage of manufacture involves welding of the bottoms. The equipment will be subjected to hydraulic and a whole range of other tests, including Eddy Current Test of SG tubes.


AEM-technology is part of Atomenergomash, machine building division Russia's state atomic energy corporation- Rosatom. Atomenergomash is the sole manufacturer and supplier of all equipment for Reactor Compartments and major part of equipment for Turbine Islands in both the units of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.


The Rooppur NPP is designed and built according to the Russian project. The plant will consist of two power units each with a capacity of 1200 MW. Each unit will host a generation 3+ VVER-1200 reactors.

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