21st February 2024
EP Report

The inner and outer parts of the steel structure of the Passive Heat Removal System (PHRS) Deflector were installed in the design position of unit 2 of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Project in just two days, which is a record for such operation.


The Passive Heat Removal System operates without human interference and any power supply source.


“Installing two parts of PHRS Deflector in the design position in two days is a record. The next step is the installation of steel structures of PHRS deflector service platforms and installation of air ducts of the passive heat removal system,” said Alexey Deriy, ASE Vice President and Director of the Rooppur NPP construction project.


The Deflector is a metal cylinder made of stainless steel, which weighs 215 tons and has a diameter of about 25.5 meters.


Installation of the PHRS Deflector takes place in two stages and is a complex job. The maximum allowable deviation during the installation of heavy steel structures weighing 135 and 80 tons on the spherical surface of the reactor building dome is 10 mm.


The inner and outer parts of the deflector were installed in the design position at an elevation of +64.5 meters. Now the reactor building is 74.85 meters high.

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