18th March 2023
EP Report

Energypac Power Generation Limited (EPGL) has recently organized a webinar titled ‘Japanese Once-Through Boiler Technology’.


Atsushi Kozu, Senior Manager, Miura Industries (Thailand) Co Ltd, Atsushi Hirakuri, General Manager, Sojitz Bangladesh, Masum Parvez, Chief Business Officer, Power and Energy Division, EPGL, took part at the webinar.


Other high officials from EPGL also attended the webinar.


Masum Parvez Chief Business Officer, Power and Energy Division, EPGL said, “We are representing the world’s best industrial boiler under the MIURA brand in Bangladesh. MIURA, being the number one efficient boiler in Japan (more than 98 percent), can lead our industry to operate more efficiently by saving fuel and maintaining all safety measures.”


He said in light of the recent scenario and perspective of the country, EPGL believes MIURA boilers can contribute a lot to saving energy and fuel and meeting the majority of the challenges facing our industry.


Atsushi Kozu Senior Manager, Miura Industries (Thailand) Co Ltd said, “Boiler market in Japan is quite huge. MIURA boilers have 57 percent market share out of 74 percent of the market share of Once-through boilers in Japan. The prospect of MIURA boilers in Bangladesh is quite promising. MIURA boilers are known for their advanced technology, energy efficiency, and compact size, which make them an ideal choice for businesses operating in a space-constrained environment.”

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