18th March 2023

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud today said despite the recent hike in the price of electricity in the country, the tariff of power still remains less than in many countries.


"The increase in electricity price has exceeded cent per cent in the United Kingdom. It (price) has exceeded 20 to 100 per cent in European Union countries . . . It is 21 per cent in Germany and 95 per cent in Belgium. In this context, the increase in electricity prices in our country is comparatively less. The tariff has increased twice by 5 per cent recently," he said replying to reporters while exchanging views at the meeting room of his ministry at the Secretariat here.


Hasan said the per unit price of electricity in Bangladesh is Taka 7.32 while it is Taka 11.15 in Delhi, Taka 11.33 in Maharashtra and Taka 8.63 in Punjab in India. Per unit price is Taka 18.31 in the USA, Taka 41.93 in Germany, Taka 46.46 in Belgium and Taka 25.74 in Japan.


"The unit price of electricity is less in Bangladesh than in other countries even from India," he added.

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