17th October 2020

The cut-off price of Energypac Power Generation Limited (EPGL) shares has been fixed at Tk 35 each through electronic bidding by eligible investors.


As per the book building method, eligible investors took part in the price discovery of the shares by bidding for 72 hours - from 5:00pm on September 21 to 5:00pm on September 24.


During this period, 239 institutional and eligible investors offered different prices to buy the company's shares. Among them, most bids were Tk 40 and Tk 25.


A total of 43 bidders offered Tk 25 each and 29 bidders offered Tk 40 each to buy the Energypac Power shares.


The highest bidding price was Tk 85 and the lowest was Tk 16.


The eligible investors will buy 50 per cent or worth Tk 750 million shares at the cut-off price which has been set at Tk 35 each through electronic bidding, as per the book building method.


The remaining 50 per cent shares will be opened to the IPO participants, including general investors and non-resident Bangladeshis, at a 10 per cent discount on the cut-off price, meaning the general investors will get IPO shares at Tk 31.50 each.


Earlier on August 6, the stock market regulator - Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) allowed Energypac Power to explore its cut-off price - a requirement for going public under the book building method.


As per the regulatory approval, the company will raise a capital worth Tk 1.50 billion from the capital market to expand the LPG business and repay bank loans.


Apart from LPG business expansion and loan repayment, the company's IPO proceeds will be used to bear the cost of public offering process.

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