17th October 2020
EP Report

Sutiakhali Solar Power Plant along the River Brahmaputra in Mymensingh will generate 50 megawatts of electricity, which will be supplied to the national grid.


The construction of all necessary installations has already been completed and the experimental operation of the environment-friendly project is due to start in the second week of October.


Then, after the official inauguration, the generated power will be added to the national grid.


Under the government's Seventh Five-Year Plan, HDFC Sinpower Ltd is implementing the project in a joint venture of Bangladesh, Malaysia and Singapore at Sutiakhali char land in Mymensingh.


The construction of this eco-friendly solar power project at a cost of Tk800 crore on 174 acres of land in Sutiakhali, a char area of ​​Mymensingh's Gauripur Upazila, is now almost complete.


An executive engineer of the Power Development Board (PDB) supervised the project under private investment and government supervision.


According to the government's plan, a target was set to generate 10% of the electricity used in the country through solar power by 2020.


The project titled "Sutiakhali 50 MW Solar Power Project" was started in 2014. The implementation of the project began after the signing of an Implementation Agreement with the Ministry of Power and Energy in late 2016, and a Power Purchase Agreement with the PDB in 2017.

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