10th September 2019
EP Report

Agriculture researchers and agro-scientists at a seminar held in the Kantakhali area of Rajshahi city recently said Permaculture, a sustainable system of agriculture, can save the environment and enhance the quality of land and forest of the country.

Green Circle Alliance, a non-governmental organization, organized the seminar.

Speakers at the seminar informed, Permaculture stands for the words permanent- agriculture. The term was first used by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, two renowned agro-scientists, during the 1970s, as a contraction of permanent (sustainable) and agriculture.

It was revealed in the seminar that in Permaculture, farmers instead of cutting down forests and destroying natural resources, utilise those in a way so that the maximum output is ensured by using the minimum input.

So, the wastes of agriculture are turned into resources and the activities are conducted with inclusion of nature instead of remaining around or without it.

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