8th September 2018

Bangladesh Rural electrification Board (BREB) has created record at global level on electrical distribution network expansion and new consumers’ connection that too in a country which had electricity crises even a decade ago. In its recognition it was awarded National award in Power & Energy Week 2018 by Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Line construction

The total length of electric lines only under BREB’s 80 PBS is 405,000 kilometers which is more than the distance between earth and the moon (384,400 km). Only last fiscal year its line construction was 55,000 km, which is also more than length of earth circumference which is 40,075 km. Earlier its annual line construction use to be around 8000 km. An unimaginable pace of progress was consistently achieved and is still going on.

Year wise consumer growth

BREB had unprecedented Consumer growth which can be world record. It had 7.4 million Consumers in 2007-08 which jumped to 23.6 million by August 2018. In last fiscal year (2017-18) it gave 3.9 million New Connections. It gave 7.6 million new connections in last 2 fiscal years. Consumer Growth during present Government till now is 16.2 million. This is a Global record of Consumer Growth with time.

Upozilla wise 100% electrification

New concept 100% Upozilla electrification was implemented. The very basic concept of electrification as laid down in our Constitution has been practically executed on ground. BREB Chairman was the brain child behind 100% Upozilla (rural) electrification. He at his own started 100% electrification of 10 Upozillas in the beginning. Many thought it to be impossible task specially when most of the villages of Bangladesh were without electricity. The first 10 Upozilas 100% electrification was formally declared by Hon’ble Prime Minister on and subsequently all 100% electrification of Upozilas declarations were done by Hon’ble Prime Minister.

So far 240 Upozillas out of 460 Upozillas are 100% electrified. BREB plans to have electricity for all by 2019. Bangladesh pace of 100% electrification is much better than many of South Asian countries. In fact its pace of electrification is a world record. So far 88% are enjoying electricity in rural areas.

New Sub stations additions

The new lines or consumers all could only be provided reliable and continuous electricity through construction of adequate Sub Stations which is very expensive and time consuming. The Sub Station capacity addition during present Government is from 4650 MVA to 10,165 MVA, i.e. 5515 MVA addition and it is increasing to meet load growth demand for next 10 years.

RE programme massive thrust, an impossible series of tasks made possible with no deviation was mainly possible due to honesty, dynamism, vision and determination with service to mankind. It’s a global example to be followed.

The success of rural electrification and overall sustainable electrification of the country reveals that continuation of a Government under patriotic, visionary and extra ordinary leadership is essential for development of any country.

The BREB Chairman Brigadier General Moinuddin was then promoted to Major General and is still leading BREB as Chairman even after his retirement from Bangladesh Army fulfilling the target of sustainable 100% electrification of rural area of Bangladesh under BREB. 

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