5th February 2018

Dhaka, Feb 5, 2018 (PR) - Most selling Bashundhara LP gas is now being used at home and abroad for cooking purposes. Bashundhara has reduced the price of the commodity more recently by considering the advantages of consumers from the promise of popular LPG gas as an alternative fuel. Earlier, the last price was reduced in December last year.


Bashundhara LP Gas Limited's Head of Marketing MM Jasim Uddin said that Bashundhara LPG gas price has been reduced by Tk 20 per 12 kg, 30 kg of LP gas at Tk 50 and 45 kg of LP gas at Tk 75 per tonne.


About this, he said, Bashundhara has been leading the LP gas market for the last 20 years. At present, the company's market share is more than 30 percent. Recently many big companies have entered the LPG market. In this competitive market, Bashundhara has retained its position as the company is selling the product at a price. Our management authority also has a commitment that the government is encouraging LPG gas as an alternative fuel for the past 4-5 years. In view of the decline in the natural gas reserves of 8 million cubic feet in the country, now the policy is encouraging LP gas for household use as an alternative to natural gas. Bashundhara Group is working on shoulder shoulders to implement the government's goal.


Bashundhara LP Gas Head of Marketing, Bashundhara LP Gas, said that Bashundhara LP Gas has sold LPG gas in comparison to other companies over the last one year. "We have seen it is possible to reduce some of the price by making small profits even lower." That's why the price was reduced from today (4 February) to another point. Earlier, the price was reduced on 5th December.


Now every month 50,000 metric ton LPG gas is being used in the country. The entrepreneurs at this time have always made a claim to the government that tariff duty on import of raw materials for cylinders was made. Although the tax or VAT was levied on import of gas cylinders, the duty on the import of cylinders raw materials was not withdrawn or reduced.


According to fuel experts, 25 percent of the country's forest area is supposed to be forested but only 7 percent. In this situation, the use of LPG gas in rural areas will reduce the use of wood as fuel and the forest cover will be preserved. To do this, Bashundhara LP Gas marketing company Bashundhara is trying to give a kind of incentive to reduce LPG prices.


Private operators have always been subjected to a kind of moral pressure to keep the LP gas price at the hands of ordinary people. State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid also said the same thing. However, the organizers said that LP gas is not like other fluid fuel. The use of LP gas as an industrial product is not 10 percent. Basically, the price of raw materials is determined by the price of the consumer. There is no government subsidy here. It is completely a consumer product. There is no scope for price like kerosene or diesel. The entrepreneurs at this time are always trying to support the government's policy and keep the prices as tolerable.

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