Volume 20 Issue 11

Download Link for Energy & Power Vol 20 Issue 11 as PDF /userfiles/EP_20_11.pdf

Bangladesh’s economy has achieved significant progress over the past years and the country is set to graduate from the least developed status. But now, at this juncture of graduation, the economy is passing through a critical situation like other economies of the world. It started turning around from the fallouts of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the Ukraine war and its consequences, particularly on the energy supplies and skyrocketing prices, have put a damper on the economic activities. The high prices have incapacitated the economy from importing the required energy for running the power plants up to their capacities. The industries, the backbone of the economy, are compelled to run at almost their half capacities for want of gas and electricity, resulting in huge job losses. Official statistics show export earnings declined in September and October last. Industrialists apprehend that it will decline further in November and December. Banks are not getting their money back from the cash-strapped industries. Despite their hectic parleys, trade bodies did not get any definite assurance from the government as to when the smooth and uninterrupted supply of energy could be ensured. Entrepreneurs are apprehending that unless the situation is urgently remedied, the buyers may shift to other sourcing destinations.


There is no doubt the economy will face even more serious setbacks in the days ahead unless the energy crunch can be resolved urgently.

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