Volume 18 Issue 24

 Being a licensee of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC), Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL) must get necessary approval from the regulator. But in most cases, it has not happened. The bureaucrat-dominated company has to implement transmission pipeline expansion projects based on the government’s decisions. The GTCL has already made huge investment, but is not getting expected return due to lack of adequate supply of gas. GTCL is also a commercial organization. It has to stay in business by recovering the investment with return. The company management cannot be blamed for any of the investment.


Instead of GTCL making these project proposals, the EMRD or Petrobangla had dictated the decisions. At the same time, flawed exploration policies by Petrobangla failed to enhance gas production since 2010. LNG imports could not also be increased to a level as planned. As a result, some new transmission pipelines were being operated at much lower capacity. So, the GTCL is not getting the wheeling charge as expected and gradually getting sick.


Any investment in this regard should be made based on well-analyzed forecast about the gas supply situation in the country.



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