27th May 2024

Cyclone Remal has inflicted significant damage on the power supply networks across Bangladesh, with initial assessments from the Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources estimating the cost at around Tk 96 crore. Report UNB


The cyclone has severely impacted power transmission and distribution systems, particularly under the Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB). According to a press release from the ministry, power connections were either fully or partially disrupted in 65 out of 80 Palli Biduyt Samities (PBSs).


The damage includes the destruction of 2,392 electric poles, 1,982 transformers, and 62,454 spans (wire strips) in 30 PBSs. Additionally, 21,848 insulators were broken, and 46,318 meters were destroyed. The total initial loss in these areas amounts to Tk 79.02 crore, with approximately 1.79 crore BREB consumers remaining without electricity until 2 pm.


In the West Zone Power Distribution Company (WZPDC) area, the cyclone destroyed 20 poles, tilted 135 poles, broke down 24.34 km of power cables, damaged 11 kV transformers, destroyed 142 pole fittings, 12 transformers, and 134 of 11 kV insulators. The total initial loss in the WZPDC area is Tk 5.76 crore. The cyclone left about 4.53 lakh consumers in darkness in this region.


Despite the adverse weather conditions, the operation of LNG Terminals (FSRUs) remained normal, and no damage was reported. The gas (RLNG) supply was increased to 1,000 MMCFD, with expectations to rise to 1,100 MMCFD today.


The ministry noted that the extent of the damage could not be determined through on-site assessments due to the ongoing storm. Initial damage calculations were made through telephonic conversations with field-level officials.


Monitoring is being conducted round the clock via control rooms, and all staff leaves at BREB and WZPDC have been canceled to expedite the restoration of electricity in the affected areas as soon as the storm subsides.

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