14th May 2024

“Remembrance Garden”, an international environmental and patriotic event was recently organized at the Green City, the residential site for the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant employees at Ishwardi.  Rosatom Engineering Division organized the event for the first time in Bangladesh.

Rosatom Engineering Division employees and volunteers planted 28 Fir trees to revere the memory of both Russians as well as Bengalese who sacrificed their lives on the fronts of World War II.

“We cherish the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and the ‘Remembrance Garden’ event is an occasion to remember those who sacrificed their lives for the Great Victory. Today’s trees will not only remind us of our fathers and grandfathers’ heroic deeds, but they will also contribute significantly to the improvement of the environmental condition on our planet.  As Rosatom cares for the environment, the company has already become a regular participant and promoter of many environmental events,” said Alexey Deriy, Vice President, and Atomstroyexport.

The former Soviet Union and Bangladesh have years-long historical relationships. The USSR helped restore the economy destroyed during the Great Liberation War in 1971. After the independence Soviet sailors cleared the port of Chittagong of mines to raise wrecked ships from the bottom. It was one of the top-performing and, however, largely unknown USSR’s foreign operations.

The “Remembrance Garden” international event was initiated by a Russian Foundation in Memory of Victory Combat Leaders, and assisted by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Federal Forestry Agency. The event is implemented to support the national “Environmental Protection” project.

The goal of the large-scale environmental and patriotic event is to plant 27 million trees in memory of everyone who died during the Great Patriotic War. The message of this event is that green monuments are planted to pay tribute to heroes. At the same time, it addresses the issue of forest preservation and restoration by making it possible for the participants to mitigate their carbon footprint. The green monuments are planted every year in all Russian regions and abroad. The event has been joined by volunteers from over 50 countries across the globe.

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