10th September 2019

Buenos Aires, September 10, 2019 (PR) - NYDRO ENERGY S.A.S. is excited to announce the launch of NYDRO, a blockchain platform that will transform the way in witch investments are made in renewable energy.


At the 24th World Energy Congress, and with the presence of investors and public in general, NYDRO ENERGY S.A.S. announced the public launch of NYDRO, a blockchain based platform that will connect investors, energy developers and consumers. Our vision is that power generation and power grids will evolve into distributed networks like the Internet, and we are here to bring that future one step closer.


After two years of R&D and 4 beta projects on the road, NYDRO is ready to go public and will open campaigns for renewable energy projects in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.


NYDRO ENERGY seeks to be the next global market for electricity. "You can buy and sell the electricity that you generate or invest in renewable energy projects. We are bringing liquidity to a market that is capital intensive and that is not easy to access when you are not a corporate investor.


Like other technological innovations — computing, the Internet, mobile, artificial intelligence — distributed web technologies will introduce fundamentally new experiences for the energy sector incouding new services and business models. They’ll eventually change people’s lives, and we’re already seeing early glimpses of what’s possible: Globally accessible, programmable, peer-to-peer transactions; user-owned marketplaces and digital assets that give liquidity to the energy sector. All of these represent billion — or even trillion — dollar opportunities to reshape how people transact, communicate, work, live, and move. At NYDRO ENERGY we do research and we innovate by combining new technologies from the fields of artificial intelligence and communications to build this future.

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