Volume 17, Issue 19

Energy cooperation among the countries in South Asia  and the Southeast is pivotal for economic development of the entire region. This is to ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable supply of energy through utilizing the region natural resources. It is not limited only to supplying electricity, but other forms of energy, including gas. The principal idea is that the countries would produce energy from what resources they have and share it with each other. Experts say it would help the countries get energy at an affordable price and benefit their respective economies. The development partners, representatives from member and non-member states are promoting the idea. Experts believe financing is the biggest challenge in materializing the idea. Besides, political unrest of this region and non-cooperation attitude of the member states of BIMSTEC countries have failed to make a common platform to enhance cooperation among the member states of South and Southeast Asian region. They urged the member countries of BIMSTEC to work together to achieve sustainable growth through sharing available energy resources in the South and Southeast Asian region. They said that the countries could solve their energy problem through using the hydro potential of the member countries. Moreover, they emphasized on to sort out the real problems, including the political problems, to achieve desired economic goal.


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