Volume 17, Issue 6

It is now evident that Bangladesh will become 87% dependent on imported primary fuel and power import if local coal cannot be brought into the fuel mix. Cost of fuel and cost of power will continue to increase and may grow beyond affordable limit if efficiency of energy utilization cannot be enhanced to international level. At the same time, investment in renewable energy must grow. Management of operations of all power plants must be of international standards for keeping the generation cost to an affordable limit. The inefficiency and pilferage must be completely eliminated. But even after all these, global and regional geopolitics will continue to impact on fuel price and make power generation cost unstable. Reducing or eliminating the use of liquid fuel for power generation may greatly help in managing the price risks. Though the government often talks about coming out of expensive power generation, the terms of liquid fuel-based power plants still continue to be extended. New contracts are awarded for liquid fuel based IPPs. Cost of generation is increasing. Experts have lost faith in government promise that the terms of liquid fuel-based plants will be further extended.

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