Volume 17, Issue 3


Bangladesh is working on achieving energy efficiency for reducing carbon emission through an energy efficiency roadmap. The country at present generates 585 MW of electricity from renewable energy (RE), including 230 MW of hydro-power. Fossil fuel generates over 18,000 MW. In that context, RE contributes about 3% only. The RE development plan of the country has a target to contribute 10% by 2020. But based on the present status, it cannot be made sure that the target can be achieved within the rest 18 months from now. Sector experts have clearly mentioned that the target cannot be achieved by this time. However, they are optimistic about wind power. Gradually, more and more projects can be implemented in onshore and offshore areas. They said though late in starting, Bangladesh is heading towards right direction. They believe that although Bangladesh could not yet achieve success in renewable energy, wind energy might come as a blessing for the country. They said Bangladesh can achieve major success in wind power due to availability of state-of-the-art modern technology now. In the next few years, wind power generation will get new momentum. 

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