Volume 16, Issue 4


The expenditure for importing liquid fuel may stand at $3 billion by the end of this financial year. It would reach around $6 billion per year if 7 million tonnes LNG is imported, which is planned to be started by next December. The priority of the government’s energy sector strategy is to meet the demand through importing power, oil, coal and gas. If the government plan is implemented, annual LNG import will reach to 21 million tonnes by 2030 while power import from regional countries may exceed 3,000 MW. According to a review of the government documents, import of coal, power and LNG would at least be doubled by 2041. Energy experts estimated that Bangladesh would become 80% depended on imported primary fuel. Bangabandhu had a vision for mining own coal. But the Awami League government has moved away from it. Experts say failure to explore own energy resources would lead Bangladesh towards exclusive imported fuel dependent economy. They believe it would definitely interrupt momentum of development and may even cease industrialization. It may delay achieving national vision for reaching the developed country status by 2041.

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