Download Link for Energy & Power Vol 21 Issue 21 (April 16, 2024) as PDF/userfiles/EP_21_22.pdf

In April 2024, Bangladesh sweltered under relentless heat waves that stretched throughout the month, hitting a peak with temperatures nearly reaching 44 degrees Celsius in Jashore by the end of the month. This scorching heat sent electricity demand soaring, making the demand-supply gap even wider. Despite their best efforts, authorities found themselves resorting to daily power cuts lasting 5-6 hours, causing real struggles for people, especially those living in rural areas. The impact rippled across the country, affecting everything from farms to shops to schools, which had to shut their doors. Behind the scenes, the root issues of the power crisis - like problems with fuel supply and currency - were lurking, needing urgent attention to ensure there was enough electricity for everyone. And with temperatures climbing worldwide due to global warming, the urgency for action became even more pressing. Solutions have to be smart and integrated, focusing on boosting power generation, managing demand wisely, and being kind to the environment. That means picking the right mix of fuels, using local resources wisely, embracing eco-friendly tech, and being clever about when and how we use electricity. And it's not just about keeping the lights on; it's also about keeping our cities and towns livable. That means finding ways to beat the heat, so places don't turn into unbearable heat traps.

Without getting ahead of these challenges and finding smarter ways to manage our power, the government could find itself facing even bigger problems down the line.

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