Download Link for Energy & Power Vol 21 Issue 20 (April 1, 2024) as PDF/userfiles/EP_21_20.pdf

As April arrives, Bangladesh's power sector faces uphill battles amidst rising temperatures despite a smooth sail in March. Analysts observed lower demand for power in March and attributed it to frequent spells of rain while the irrigation load did not exceed the limit. There was no power load-shedding in the cities and towns though shopping malls continued businesses till midnight. The government's proactive stance in February aimed to tackle upcoming demands but faced setbacks with delayed gas infrastructure maintenance. Gas supply could not be increased as expected – Summit Energy-owned FSRU was supposed to return to its site and start LNG regasification in March after completing overhauling in Singapore but missed the schedule. As a result, the gas supply for power generation remained limited to 800-900 MMCFD. Hopes rest on anticipated LNG supply improvements by April to ease constraints and avoid power outages in summer. However, concerns linger about burdening users due to sector inefficiencies, with a critical need to ensure reliable power for industries driving the economy. Collaboration among stakeholders is key; the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources can't do it alone. Failing to unite risks mounting debts and weakened state-owned enterprises, jeopardizing stability despite available capacity.

Addressing these challenges collectively is crucial for a steady power supply and sustained economic growth.

 For E-book you may visit the link:   https://enp.tiny.us/April1Y24

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