Download Link for Energy & Power Vol 21 Issue 17 (Feb 16, 2024) as PDF//userfiles/EP_21_17(3).pdf

The power distribution utilities are reported to have upgraded their infrastructure to make necessary preparations for ensuring an uninterrupted supply of electricity in their respective franchises during the ensuing summer. Yet, they have concerns over getting adequate supply from the upstream or power generation facilities in Bangladesh. The generation units are suffering from a smooth supply of required fuel as evidenced by the load management situation in the outgoing winter when the country witnesses its lowest demand. Different towns and villages experienced power outages during the season. Though little, the load-shedding showed an early sign of a possibility that the consumers would experience severe power cuts in the summer when the electricity demand rises to its peak. It has uncovered the government's weaknesses in confronting the peak power demand of the intensive irrigation period that coincides with the month of Ramadan, followed by high summer when the highest demand for power may reach 16,500 MW. Stakeholders think the issues will be created over realizing outstanding fuel and electricity payments unless the finance ministry releases the due subsidy on time. Generating and supplying power as per demand would then be a huge challenge.

The sorry state of the power supply situation may aggravate further unless fuel supply to the power plants can be ensured timely by ensuring payments for energy imports and facilitating power generation.

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