Volume 20 Issue 15

Download Link for Energy & Power Vol 20 Issue 15 (Jan 16, 2023) as PDF /userfiles/Vol_20_15.pdf

 The government in an executive order on 12 January increased the prices of electricity. Before that the government amended the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) act so that it can exercise executive power to revise prices of energy products as and when necessary. However, it sparked a serious criticism among the people concerned as the government bypassed the BERC that has been fixing the prices through conducting public hearings for the last 14 years. BERC has already shown reasonable success in fixing the prices and gained people’s trust. Leaving the responsibility to determine the prices to BERC has also enhanced people’s confidence in the government. The wastages and irregularities would have gradually diminished if the process could continue unabated. That possibility no longer exists.


Transferring the entire authority exclusively on BERC to fix prices of energy products gradually could better create a win-win situation for all. It is the demand of time and should be taken without a fuss. That will enhance the government's reputation and, at the same time, significantly improve efficiency of the utilities. In due course, it is expected to free the energy and power sector completely from the curse of subsidies. In doing so, the government should let the BERC work independently and without any interference by the bureaucracy. It is expected to help make the energy sector of Bangladesh more disciplined.


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