Volume 18, Issue 1

The national budget for FY2020-21 placed by Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal in parliament on June 11 was one of the most challenging tasks of economic and financial management of the state since its independence. Kamal had to deal with this tough job amid the Covid-19 pandemic that has slowed down the economy. It was not surprising that he would be cautious in spending in the next fiscal year since the economy is under severe pressure. In the energy and power sector he proposed a cut in budgetary allocation by 4.6 percent. However, experts in the sector expressed mixed reaction to his plan for energy sector. Apparently there was no change in the budgetary measures for the government’s existing plans though it was suggested by the experts ahead of the budget announcement. The experts earlier suggested that the government should go slow with the development projects in the sector which were not in the process of implementation. Instead, they recommended, the funds should be directed to sectors that deserve emergency response due to the adverse impact of the pandemic.


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