17th October 2020

The government has set a number of strategies to harness the potential of Blue Economy, including exploring sea resources, pulling in foreign investment and technology.


Bangladesh won 118,813 square kilometers of the maritime zones in the Bay of Bengal after the end of a maritime dispute with Myanmar and India in 2012 and 2014 respectively.


It has opened up a new window of opportunity for blue economy development before the country in terms of international trade, energy exploration, fishery and other sea resources for greater development. 


Outlining the strategies, the new Perspective Plan 2021-2041, unveiled recently, identified the vast maritime areas as a new field of development.


“A blue economy is formed with the coordinated direct and indirect activities run by the use of resources of seas, oceans or coastal areas,” a General Economics Division (GED) Member said.


“At the same time, sustainable and inclusive economic progress, employment and welfare activities also help preserve seas,” he added.


Exploration and development of sea resources, proper utilization of sea and coastal areas, extending production and service support against sea activities, protect the maritime environment, the plan says. 

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