18th July 2019
EP Desk


The World Wind Energy Association had invited for a public debate in Recife on the topic of the roles of renewable energy and nuclear power, in preparation of the 18th World Wind Energy Conference 2019 (WWEC2019) which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in November 2019.


The pre-event has started the debate on the integration of available energy sources and how to optimize synergies.


Experts from Brazil, Germany, Japan and Ukraine discussed the future energy supply system together with more than 200 participants in light of the climate crisis, environmental pollution and a strong increase in energy demand in countries like Brazil.


There was broad consensus amongst all speakers and participants that wind and solar energy are today the cheapest energy sources, in particular in Brazil. This finding is also supported by recent international reports e.g. by the International Renewable Energy Agency.


Speakers emphasized that Brazil is a world leader in several renewable technologies, in particular in hydropower and bioenergy, thus bringing the country in a pole position in the global race for global leadership in renewable technology and climate change mitigation. The crucial question will be how Brazil, being blessed with an abundance of renewable resources, can make best use of the technologies in its national energy mix.


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