Volume 16, Issue 12


The global scenario of NDC and honoring pledges of developed countries for providing financial support to the developing countries in combatting emissions is very frustrating. Against the pledged US$ 100 billion fund for GCF by 2020, the commitment so far stands at only US$ 10.6 billion and fund transferred is only US$ 41.6 billion, creating frustration among the countries. If the COP24 has to ensure commencement of global warming control initiative in full swing from 2020, the Rule Book must have clear and unambiguous agreement on adaptation, mitigation, financing, capacity development and technology transfer. Without any doubt, it is a huge challenge. Bangladesh has no obligation in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Still Bangladesh is working sincerely for contributing to the efforts to save the world. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made it clear that Bangladesh cannot go for 100% emission control for the interest of its economic development. But said the country is very much concerned about it. The government is doing its best in reducing and limiting emissions as much as practical. It is expected that our average emission would remain below the level of the developed countries.

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