Volume 16 Issue 8


Bangladesh’s fuel market has now grown to a matured level. Import and marketing of some products, including LPG and Lubricating Oil, have been opened to private sector as BPC alone cannot handle the expanded liquid fuel business. The environment of competitiveness between private and public sector has also been created. But BPC still has the monopoly in importing and marketing crude and refined products. Under special arrangement, the owners of furnace oil-based power plants are allowed to import liquid fuel for generating electricity and it costs less than that of the public sector. Other fuels like diesel, furnace oil, octane and kerosene are being imported and marketed by BPC. The use of liquid fuel is increasing constantly for economic growth. This trend is expected to take Bangladesh to a destination of mid-income and developed economic stages. Experts said that the demand for fuel would double from the present level by 2030. BPC does not have the capacity even now to handle the demand on its own. There must be continued efforts for strengthening the BPC to meet the future challenges. 

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