Volume 16, Issue 6

Since the discovery of Bibiyana Gas Field in 1998 there has been no discoveries of gas fields in Bangladesh. The country has to depend on production from the existing fields. Over the last decade, gas production has increased. Some 8 Tcf gas from the proven recoverable reserve has been consumed. Less than 2 Tcf new gas could be added during this period. The deficit considering connected consumers is around 1,000 MMCFD. The LNG supply initiative suffered protracted delays of 8 years. After 3 months of FSRU with LNG anchoring in our offshore, 500 MMCFD of RLNG evacuation is not being possible. The government plan states of 7,000 MMCFD (7 BCFD) of LNG import by 2041.  By 2025, it is planned for 5 BCFD. The entire import would be done through coastal areas of Chattogram and Coxs Bazar. The government has to ensure by now that all arrangements of RLNG evacuation are ready before the FSRUs and land-based terminals get ready for operation. Otherwise, Bangladesh cannot get rid of chronic gas crisis.

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