Volume 15, Issue 20

   The existing the data of power distribution companies show it is possible to supply power to 28 million users now. But it may take 2-5 years for quality power supply to all. Now the users may get reasonably uninterrupted power supply if the expected generation of 12,000 MW is available consistently from April to August 2018. Power Division and BPDB are optimistic that this would be achieved during the ongoing summer. But they are also saying that this won’t be achieved in April 2018. The expected generation can be achieved if only fast track liquid fuel-based power plants start operation on time. BPDB claimed that most of these would start generation between May and June 2018. However, all users want that the government optimism comes true and all get quality power supply. Let there be lights all the time during the Ramadan and the FIFA World Cup football. The uninterrupted power supply in this summer would be an added bonus for the government in the year of general election. Let the power supply grow in quality, consistency and reliability.

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