Volume 15, Issue 18

   DESCO and DPDC are in a better position for serving their customers this year than last summer provided that PGCB supplies them power as per demand. But industries having captive generation facilities are still not confident about relying on sustainable supply of power from national grid, leaving their own generation. They cannot have trust on power system achieving reliability. But they agree that system has considerably improved than in the past. In summer, the irrigation load adds to summer demand. During the off-peak hours, power supply to rural areas, especially for irrigation, gets priority. Experts observe that the increase in generation capacity would take care of the growth in demand. But during this summer in addition to summer peak and irrigation, FIFA World Cup football would create additional load. It will bring new challenge. Two major distribution companies are apparently ready for embracing this challenge. The management is confident about much better customer services than the past summer. But all will depend on required power supply from generation to the inlets of distribution networks.

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