Volume 15, Issue 12

   Bangladesh is set join the world nuclear club as 32nd nation for electricity generation using Russia-built reactors in Rooppur power plant. The country would also become the third member in the SAARC and sixth in the Asia’s elite club. The other nations have developed their own manpower for operation and maintenance of approximately 130 nuclear power plants and developed linkage industries to supply spares and tools they need. But Bangladesh is joining the club without having these preparations or even ambition to develop most of the facilities as of now. It has only adopted a program to develop its manpower for operation and maintenance of the nuclear power plant. The government expects to develop its own capacity to operate and maintain the power plant in three to four years after its commissioning, scheduled for 2022-23. The authorities concerned including the BAEC, however, performed frustratingly the worst in advancing the human resource development program. The BAEC has wasted almost a year in sending its future operators of the nuclear power plant to Russia for training and education. However, officials of the BAEC and the science and technology ministry claimed that the delay would not affect the program.

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