Volume 15, Issue 4

   Bangladesh’s target to become a middle income country by 2021 and a developed country by 2041 cannot be achieved without ensuring energy security for the people. In the last decade Bangladesh was exclusively reliant on own natural gas resource. Over the passage of time, keeping pace with demand growth, gas production increased but reserve progressively diminished. The deficit of gas supply kept on widening though in the last 8 years gas production increased. We have high quality coal resources at mineable depth. But successive governments failed to take effective measures to explore our own coal. Bangabandhu’s energy vision was relying mostly on local fuel resources for sustainable energy security. His energy planning had this end in view. But present situation does not reflect this vision. Is Bangladesh moving away from Bangabandhu's energy vision? This question is often raised by energy experts. But policymakers say they are on track and changed circumstances have increased dependency on imported fuel. Bangladesh has no option but to elevate to a developed country through ensuring sustainable energy security.

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