12th September 2021

Dhaka, September 12, 2021 (PR) - Summit Power Limited (SPL) initiated the Summit Testing & Calibration Laboratory (STCL) which has received the accreditation certificates from Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) under the Ministry of Industries. This is a milestone, as SPL is the first IPP to receive national level accreditation of its labs. Located in Narayanganj, the labs were developed to test and calibrate power plant’s instruments as per international standards and awarded accreditation certificate in the latest standard of ISO/IEC, 17025:2017.


With accreditation from BAB, Summit Testing & Calibration Laboratory (STCL) is recognized by the national governing body that this laboratory maintains appropriate standards with integrity. The Honorable Minister of Industries Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, MP remarked, “The government of Bangladesh encourages institutional capacity building of industries. We are pleased that in this regard Summit’s testing and calibration labs have taken the initiative to fulfill the requirements and is the first IPP to claim Bangladesh Accreditation Board’s certifications.”


Presently, STCL is the only accredited laboratory in Bangladesh with capacity in the electrical testing i.e. earth, soil and insulation resistance tests, low resistance test as well as oil di-electric strength measurement test. The lab can also calibrate gauge and sensors of both temperature and pressure, IR and glass thermometers, AC/DC of voltage and electric current.

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