24th March 2020

Dhaka, March 24, 2020 (UNB) - State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid has asked the officials of his ministry and subordinate bodies to remain alert to ensure uninterrupted power and gas supply during the government-declared countrywide holidays to prevent coronavirus.


“We have to stand by the people in any emergency and continue our services, especially in the hospitals during the emergency situation”, he told media through a video message sent by his ministry on Tuesday.


He said he has already made a work plan and asked their officials how to work and handle the situation if any lockdown is imposed.


He said his ministry has been working on it following the outbreak of the coronavirus globally sensing the situation in the country. 


He said the emergency services like supply of power, gas and LPG have to continue across the country so that people don’t not suffer in any situation.  


Nasrul Hamid said that the demand for electricity and petroleum fuel have decreased substantially due to suspension of production in  factories and transport operation and the government has to incur a loss for this.


On the other hand, bill payment timeframe were extended for the people considering the coronavirus outbreak for which about Tk 4,000 crore will not come to the government’s account as regular power and gas bills. 


He also said that the Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry will provide protective equipment to different departments with the help of different private power plant operators to facilitate medicate service to the coronavirus patient.


He said the Power and Energy Ministry has to take measures for its own staff and foreign nationals who are working in different power plants.


“We have to think about the safety of our staff working in power plants and other establishments engaged in emergency supply”.


He noted that regularly about 9,000 foreign nationals work in the power plants and now the number came down to 3000.

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