25th November 2019

Peter Fahrenholtz visited Siemens Bangladesh office in Dhaka on 25th November 2019. During his visit he learned about topics such as sustainability, open office concept and various other Siemens' initiatives. He enthusiastically engaged with Siemens employees from its various business divisions.


Peter Fahrenholtz said “Germany is an important partner of Bangladesh. We believe that German companies working in Bangladesh will help enhance the bond between two friendly nations. On behalf of the Govt of Germany, I would like to ensure wholehearted cooperation towards Siemens and its affiliates. Siemens has been present in this country for the past 60 years, and has been steadily contributing towards the country’s development, and I wish them success and prosperity in the future.”


Prabal Bose, Managing Director and CEO of Siemens Bangladesh Limited, stated, "It was a great honor for us to welcome the Honorable German Ambassador to our Dhaka office. Siemens brings to Bangladesh state-of-the-art technology that adds value to customers and the society, through a combination of multiple high-end technologies for complete solutions. Siemens caters to Industry needs across market segments by undertaking complete projects in Power Generation/Transmission/Distribution, Smart Infrastructure, Digital Industries and Healthcare, Mr. Bose added.”

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