Volume 17, Issue 11

Bangladesh has a very significant skills shortage. There are multiple reasons for this, and it is a global problem. But fundamentally skills shortages are caused by the fact that millions of students are graduating without being able to demonstrate the skills that are in demand by 21st Century employers. There is a strong disconnect between industry and educators. This skills gap will affect most developing industries in Bangladesh – especially those with the strongest demand for high level technical skills, such as the energy and power sector. The maintenance of existing capacity and the development of future power sources will not be possible without a plentiful supply of suitably skilled and professional labour. The solution for key sectors such as energy and power is to take industrywide initiatives to develop their own training programs. Accepting the status quo or patiently waiting for change is not an option. Industry and professional providers must take the initiative and lead the change. Skills training and Human Resource Development is not a static activity. A variety of approaches can be adopted, and flexibility and currency must be maintained.

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