Volume 17, Issue 2


Though improved a lot during the last 10 years, the country’s power system development is now going through an uncertainty due to lack of a specific path for moving forward from this stage. The government is undertaking development programs – be it generation or transmission and distribution – but without a direction where it want to go. The government is taking up generation projects one after another, mostly based on imported fuel, without any proper estimate about the demand for power at some point of time – just exposing different figures for the year 2021, 2030 and 2041. Yet, different government entities were speaking about different figures, creating confusion about the targets. Confusions were also being created about the fuel mix due to the different demand figures. This has created due to failure in adopting a specific power system master plan (PSMP) that could have guided the development programs. The government is wasting time in the decision making process, pushing the development mechanism to get stuck in the mud.


It is very urgent to decide on the specific plan so that the power sector development could take place in a proper direction. It is also important for the sake of a rational plan for the fuel mix as the country’s natural gas resource is exhausting fast and the country is increasingly getting dependent on the imported energy. 

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