Volume 19 Issue 3

 It’s now a global concern about how the rising temperature could be arrested and kept limited to below 2 degrees Celsius. The global communities have also the possible solutions at hands. Science has already showed the path to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that causes global warming. It suggested, among many other options, going for renewable energy, using it efficiently and conserving it. Many countries have also started following the path with having their respective capacities. Bangladesh is also making its effort to do so, but in a very limited scale. The country is still wondering about how it could better approach with having limited resources, technology and capacity. Experts at a recent webinar, however, suggested Bangladesh to introduce ESCO model which is already working elsewhere in the world. The model is expected to help accelerate implementation of Bangladesh’s ongoing efforts in this regard. But again, this model itself requires resources and capacities to be replicated here.

However, Bangladesh needs well-planned approaches or models that would bring both technology and resources to address the issues of greater global concern and contribute to save the planet.

Cover Photo: View of KEPZ Rooptop Solar Installed by Solaric

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