Volume 19 Issue 8


It is well acknowledged that saving 1Kw of electricity is much easier and more profitable than generating the same quantity of power. This is particularly a reality where there is a shortage of primary fuel. At present, Bangladesh is suffering from shortage of gas, which contributes the most to generate power and meet the domestic demand. However, the recent price hike of LNG in the spot market has somewhat held back the government from importing and meeting the fuel deficit. Consequently, the authorities had to go for gas rationing. Perhaps against this backdrop, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently emphasized on saving electricity. The government machinery has already started working on a few possible measures. It is not, however, sure yet about how exactly it can approach.      


Prime Minister’s Energy Adviser Dr Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury at a recent “EP Talks” suggested creating awareness about developing a habit of switching off the appliances, and using efficient technologies. Going beyond, he suggested introducing technologies that would automatically switch off the appliances.   


While changing people’s habit would be a good option to save electricity, the AI (artificial intelligence) technologies that is already available in the market can be another option to explore. AI facilitates switching off the appliances automatically.


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