Volume 18 Issue 20

 Policymakers, industry leaders and energy experts came together at a recent virtual seminar to discuss possible ways of saving energy consumption in industries. They stressed on the need for installation of energy-efficient machinery and equipment, and to finance these, greater integration among banks, other financial institutions and industry is also required as Industrialists face unnecessary delays in securing loans.


RMG and textile, which consumes 28% of total primary energy is a prime area for saving energy. Sector leaders believe there is a need for coordinated effort by all factories to become efficient. The energy-efficient companies should be rewarded with a cut in corporate tax and an award should be introduced for smaller factories so that they become interested to go green.


Energy experts believe that we are in the dark about energy audit baseline data. Bangladesh Bank takes up green financing projects, yet no information is readily available on how many projects have received funding, how funds have been used, the results, which projects have not been monitored. Strengthening energy audit of industry and inducting more skilled energy auditors are the need of the hour.


GIZ Bangladesh contributed the photos used in the Cover & Cover Inner


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