Volume 18 Issue 21

 Policymakers, energy experts and journalists came together to discuss “Integrated Master Plan for Power and Energy”, an online seminar organized by Energy & Power magazine on April 3. It was opined that General Economic Division of the Ministry of Finance could better formulate the master plan as  economic development is very much dependent on the smooth and uninterrupted supply of quality power and energy. The master plans are prepared by putting together the localized plans of different divisions. This year, for the first time, the energy sector plan is being done in an integrated manner. The plans are revised here very frequently – the authorities revise the plans even before their implementation.


Making an integrated plan is not at all easy. Quality data availability is a big issue in Bangladesh as it is essential for preparing proper plan. Energy balance table was available in the past - a basic requirement. The demand for various primary fuel could be known. But for the last 20 years, these are not available. SREDA made an attempt to find it. They did it for one or two years. But now, it is no longer doing the exercise.



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