Volume 18 Issue 15

 Although Bangladesh’s level of carbon emission remains much lower in comparison to other developed or developing countries, the country had pledged to commit to the global effort to limit the temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.


The NDC is coming up for a revisit and it was felt by some that waste management, agriculture and forestry sectors should also be included. It is impossible for the State to ensure environment protection, and the private sector needs to do its part, i.e. the private sector must be involved in the process of updating the NDC. Furnace oil plants need to be phased out as a major source of pollution with no possibility of making them more efficient. Speakers at a recent virtual discussion agreed that the country is on the right track to pursue a low carbon growth strategy, even though there will be a number of new coal-fired power plants. The rationale being that Bangladesh presently emits a very low level of carbon in the atmosphere and the level would remain within permissible limits. Hence, coal plants under various stages of implementation would not tip the emission level beyond the limit, since these plants are using advanced technologies.


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