Volume 18, Issue 3

Complaints about electricity bills are not new in Bangladesh. However, the frequency of allegations has come down a lot by now with the partial automation of the billing system. Unfortunately, the government attracted a widespread criticism over the electricity billing most recently. It is popularly termed as a ‘ghost’ bill. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government exempted the late payment surcharge for the months of March, April and May if the consumers pay the bills for three months by June 30. As soon as the utility companies started distributing the three-month bills together, many consumers found those hugely inflated. And, they started raising allegations. Thanks to the utility companies recognized the ‘mistakes’ and they have their own clarification about the wrongdoings. However, the so-called ghost bills would be only one per cent of the total bills distributed. The companies already corrected most of the bills and now working on few others while the wrongdoers had to face actions. The government has also taken initiatives to completely automate the system, which it believes would solve the problem. It would be wise to implement the automation plans as soon as possible. It would help solve the ghost bill problem as well as generate more revenue for the utilities.

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