18th March 2023
EP Report

Bangladesh has urged the G20 leaders to allocate at least 10 percent of their defense expenditures to a climate fund to reverse the global warming trend.


Speaking at the G20 foreign ministers meeting in New Delhi recently, Foreign Minister A K Abdul Momen also proposed that the companies, which are making a huge amount of money from the Ukraine war, should allocate at least 20 percent of their profits to the most affected countries.


Momen, a special guest of India at the meeting, spoke at two different sessions.


Momen said the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should remain on top of the agenda of all multilateral initiatives, including the G20.


"India, as a major country of the global south and as the president of the G20, may urge its leadership to allocate sufficient funds and means … to achieve the SDGs by 2030," he said.


Referring to the climate change crisis, Momen said, "We must save this planet for our future generations. In order to take corrective actions to reverse the trend of global warming, India may … ask the leaders to dedicate at least 10 percent of their defence expenditures to climate fund."


Momen said the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis is causing hardship across the globe.

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