21st July 2022
EP Report

Jordan’s Energy Minister said that the country has plans to increase its renewable energy sources by 50% of its total energy mix by 2030.


Saleh Al-Kharabsheh stated that the Arab Kingdom will soon enforce new laws governing solar- and wind-energy projects. This is part of a strategy for encouraging investment in this sector and increasing reliance on renewable energy.


According to Petra, the law will increase renewable energy projects that have a minimum of one megawatt (MW) and that sales to local markets must not exceed 50%.


“We are currently working to enforce this law which was issued by the cabinet…we aim to expand the use of renewable energy in Jordan and increase its share of the total energy mix from around 26% at present to nearly 50% in 2030,” he said.


Officials stated in 2021 that plans are being made to increase renewable energy production by nearly 3200 MW by 2030. This is an increase of approximately 40% over current output.


According to the Energy Ministry, Jordan produces approximately 1,645 MW of energy from solar power and 625 from wind farms.

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